Sunday, September 10, 2006

hello fellow bloggers ,
I know you are all avidly waiting for my next post,
Understandable of course,: )

I have been extremely busy working out
I am losing weight and looking wonderful
but am now baggy : ) lol cant win!!!!

wanted to go see terrell wednesday but husb says
the pub is too common gggggrrrr so had noone to go
with ahhhhh poor anne !!!! offers underneath please xxx

The whole of my road has had major, well apparently
just our house lol gas renovations,, such a mess!!!!!
and husb now about to sue them as they havnt put
the pipes in a correct manner as to how husb thinks
gas pipes should look, ive had that for 48 nows!!!!
non stop,,,, sooooooo I went to work out again and he followed me lol
hes on a course tomorrow : ) re dental,
ohhhhhh something interstin just happening ,,if interesting to me it involves hunks

byeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jayne Nelson said...

Woohoo! You're back! Nice to see you. Sorry I haven't called you in a while - will try to ring next weekend. I've been swamped (as ever).

I have broadband now and everything's really FAST and doesn't cost anything, so I should be online more! Hurrah!

GoldAnne said...

hey great broadband!!!!!
look forward to hearing from you xxx