Wednesday, October 03, 2007

puddy tats!!!!

These are lil Rosalinda running up the curtains she is to have her nails cut lol,!!!!

and Desdemona was asleep and I put Rosalind next to her, T W they are now playing together and looking really sweet Desdemona kisses her a lot, they are very sweet together ,,,( but how long it will last I do not know lol ).Well having probs posting pics , but here are 2 ,,( I didnt tell Tony she could run up and down herself so he rescued her lol!!!)
Anne xxxx



weechuff said...

Hahaha! What a sweet little kitten. Hope your curtains haven't suffered too much!

Beetle said...

Oh what a fluff bucket she is :O)

granny grimble said...

How could you be cross with such a little sweetie! She's obviously won not only your heart, but Tony's too. She can come and run up my curtains any time :0)

GoldAnne said...

ahh ty

actually those curtains do not show ,,anything else does tho grrrr
anne xxx

Spider said...

hehehehe, sweet little ball of fluff. I wonder how long she will be doing that for? How old is she? Tina Spain

GoldAnne said...

Think just over 3 months Tina!!¬