Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not sure!!!!!!

I havnt been well for ages, but I gathered it was old age and worry

but it turns out I have cfs/me , -- and heart failure :( dont like the sound

of that at all had a load of blood tests they were so weird as he put it, that he did a lot more,

im feeling rather like an alien lol, hopefully they are able to help with --I dont know yet !!!!

but at least i dont feel so lazy now always needing to lie down as there is a reason!!!

Yesterday was halloween , my husb locked the gate before dusk to avoid the lil darlings which sadly are not lil darlings round this way!!!!! more lil horrors my sil in kent turned all the lights off and they sat in the dark as they pelt eggs paint and God knows what at their house,,, he is in a very classy area too!!!! I used to love going round with Anne Marie when she was young dressing up it was such fun and everyone seemed so kind and happy.

love Anne xxx


weechuff said...

Oh dear Anne, poor you:0( What is CFS? You said Ria was coming to stay for a while. Did she come? I haven't heard from her for a while. Seems like you will have to be looking after each other:0)

Love to all,

GoldAnne said...

I left some info on blog sandie, Marie wasnt well enough to come but came about a week later,hope you are ok as possible I will see if anyones written up on blogs love anne xxxhadnt written mine for a while

Spider said...

Oh sorry to hear you are unwell, but it is always good to get a reason. Doesn't take the illness away but at least now you have a name for it you may get meds and sympathy.
Tina Spain