Saturday, December 15, 2007

lol this in an e mail sent 2 me it wont copy properly

ANNE SYKES HAS CHRISTMAS No. 152 Year Old SYKES From TORQUAY Outsells Robbie To Top This Week's Chart

ANNE SYKES astounded the music world this week when her first ever single "Sleep With Me Baby" outsold all it's rivals, including Dido and the ever popular Robbie Williams, to become this year's Christmas number 1. Until three weeks ago hardly anyone outside of TORQUAY had ever heard SYKES sing; this week she has the nation's best selling single.
The rock ballad "Sleep With Me Baby" has sold an estimated 640,000 copies in it's first week. Stores throughout the country have been selling the single as quickly as they have had stocks delivered. A spokesman for HMV, one of the country's leading retailers, said yesterday "Not since Elton John's, Candle In The Wind tribute to Lady Diana has a single sold so many copies in such a short period of time." SYKES's record company Sony, has already initiated 500,000 more pressings of the single.
ANNE made his first television appearance to promote the single on last week's Jonathan Ross show "Things just snowballed from then on" said ANNE yesterday. "I did the Steve Wright show the following day, Parkinson last week and the duet with Kylie at the Abbey Road studios on the Monday." It has been an amazing month for the local born ANNE SYKES who was discovered by the famous Simon Cowell. "I owe it all to Cowell" said SYKES yesterday.
Cowell was on a Christmas break at the beginning of this month and stayed overnight in TORQUAY when he saw ANNE singing in a local Karaoke bar. ANNE's best friend spotted Cowell in the bar "I could tell straight away that it was Simon Cowell." said ANNE's best friend when talking to the BBC yesterday "I knew from looking at him that he was impressed by ANNE's voice, I talked ANNE into going up again, she sang Lennon & McCartney's "Yesterday" and it just brought the house down." Simon Cowell was so clearly impressed "I'm sure he knew then and there that he was onto a winner with ANNE SYKES" observed ANNE's pal .
Cowell definitely wasted no time in signing ANNE, he cut short his holiday and flew ANNE to London in his private jet to thrash out a deal. Both Cowell and SYKES have refused to say how much the recording contract is for but speculation is that it is in excess of £2.5 million. The advertising "machine" appears to waste even less time than Simon Cowell, and the face of ANNE SYKES can already be seen on advertisements for Calvin Klein, French Connection, Rolex and Levi. ANNE's groomed burnished hair, sparkling


granny grimble said...

Wow Anne!
Can I have your autograph!
Preferably on a nice fat cheque!
Don't let sucess go to your head though, as I would so miss 'The Elegance of Bling'

GoldAnne said...


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