Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Lorraine!!!!

lots love Anne

got u lil pressie but it wont go through the door so will deliver when back from carnival,
staying the night ,,samsam in it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Biddy Brumpton said...

Hi Anne!

Thank you sooooo much for my present - I look just like a cute little sheep in it - it's FAB!!!!

Apologies to Tony - I looked like a bit of a scary woman when he called round! That's what happens after spending the night not sleeping and lying on the sofa watching crap telly!!!

Lote of love to you all

Lorraine x x x x

GoldAnne said...

I bought it for me tried it on and looked like an oversized cream puff, thought of u (not as in cream puff) but knew you would look good in it
love anne xxxx