Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hi Sandie,

these pics are on the wall around the house I took pics with my camera but my camera seems to

need to be set properly everything blurred and or my hand shaking, but you get an idea of gorgeous daught !!!!!

love anne xxx


weechuff said...

Thank you Anne! What a beautiful daughter you have. I really pray that this awful thing that is wrong with her gets sorted out, and she soon gets back to feeling herself. I am sure she is still as lovely, but when you are down you feel so unattractive. But only in her eyes. No-one else's
Love Sandie XXXX

granny grimble said...

I did a comment on this straight away and it disappeared into the ether, never to be seen again!
Roughly, what I said was, What a beautiful daughter you have Anne, no wonder you are aways talking about her. It's so nice to put a face to a name. Sandie has told me that she is lovely, friendly caring person, so now I know what she looks like as well - must take after her mum!!!

GoldAnne said...

Thanks Sandie lol leeta , of course she does (nt)
its so very sad ,her condition though , xxx

Beetle said...

She has lovely eyes :O)