Sunday, January 13, 2008


I meant to blog about this before christmas,It was the same time the lady in the news was going to be flogged for calling her school childrens bears mohammed, I spoke to our local paper and told them about my mohammed who was named after alfayed

as I bought him at harrods ( or rather my daughter arranged it for me ) but I paid !!!

He arrived in a green harrods old fashioned van with 2 men in doormans uniform carrying him all the way to devon , I unfortunately missed his arrival ( a few years ago or I would have pics!!!!) Anyway the local paper was very interested and came round and took lot of pics,,, my mohammed happened to be carrying a whip, I gave it to him

incase he should need it (as you do : ) !!! ) Well when the first photographer came I

insisted on holding the whip as , after all I thought it was very topical !!! However when the story was published it was to --dodgy -- to print the pic with the whip !!! sad that !!!! I will look for the first photographers pic,, and hopefully post,,,, To continue

the pic was seen at the papers office and another freelance photographer asked if

he could take his own pics -- I if course said yes : ) as it was fun he took loads of pics

of me and mohammed and e mailed me some later, one of which is my main pic now

its really good of mohammed bear, I think,, I lost interest after that he was going to try sell it to the tabloids the nicer ones ( he said) I didnt really fancy being in a tabloid paper lol,, but my friend Jayne said she saw it in the London Metro thats a free one

lol... I will now look for pics but my fav is the main one, he looks so happy, Desdemona used to sit on his hat !!!!!


granny grimble said...

I Love him. Doesn't he look resplendant in his chocolate brown velvet! He must have cost you three arms and ten legs though. For that, I would have expected Dodi's Dad to have delivered him in person!
Where do you keep such an enormous furry creature? In your bedroom? . I bet he doesn't go to bed with you though! He's very handsome and makes a fitting escort for the beautiful lady by his side!

weechuff said...

Goodness! I have never seen such a huge bear!! And now you are famous as well! The London Metro indeed!! Think how many people read that!! And by the way Anne, how do you manage to always looked so well turned out?

Sindie said...

Ooooh ha ha ha! You NUTTER! How on earth do you house such a big beast. I'd have to have an extension built for him. Ha ha ha!

GoldAnne said...

Leeta , he lives in my outer hall,
he is an official doorman lol

GoldAnne said...

Sandie ive never seen the metro!!!
and I knew my pic was going to be taken so I did the usual fling stuff on and off lol,,, that jacket is 9 years old ( and it wouldnt do up lol!!!

GoldAnne said...

Sindie , ive got another gorgeous cuddly one in the loungs called McDougall!!!

weechuff said...

Well I am sorry Anne, but you can't say things like 'my outer hall' without showing us some pictures of your lovely house. It must be huge:0)

granny grimble said...

I second that Anne. I bet you've got a four poster bed and a jacuzzi!
Please show us pictures of your house, also can we have a picture of McDougall?

Spider said...

oooolooh is all I can say, what a spiffing Bear. It doesn't matter how much he cost it must be worth anything to own such a stunning creature of picnics.

Please post some photos of your other furry loved ones of the stuffed kind :O)
Tina Spain

Beetle said...

Wow! What huge bear - and sooooo posh! Is he actually taller than you or are you squatting?
More photos when you get them please :O)

Anonymous said...

Beetle lol me squatting ,,he is big , he must be to look bigger than me lol its an achievment!!!!,, will post more pics of house etc when can get the camera to work ,,its very blurry
love anne xxx

GoldAnne said...

hey im anonymous lol!!!!

Beetle said...

I realised that ha ha!