Friday, September 12, 2008

My bedroom in tq !!!

My bedroom in Torquay ,
Its cluttered as you can see!!! The sun was shining (rare lol) so pics are dark, the view is to the balcony from my window.I spend a lot of time in my bedroom and work in it so I love the view we dont really have a far reaching view apart from here.The statues are egtptian (I love anything egyptian )and the one near the balcony window my mother bought for me is David.At the foot of the bed is (Desdemona calls it her bespoke) a ramp david my sil built for her to get up on the bed after she had an accident ,she has bad painful legs and back, but incredibly brave with it. Rosalindie uses it a lot too!!!, The gold material over the bed and crown is of course for me!!!
lol--- the bed is frightfully uncomfortable as husb bought an adjustable twin put together--and it doesnt grrr so I bought a feather mattresse to put over the top from qvc and its better now. It wouldnt have been any good before as the bed used to rise and fall electrically -- but youve guessed it -- my weight apparently burnt the electrics out myside lol !!!!


weechuff said...

Wow! What a stunning bedroom with that huge egyptian statue! Somehow that bedroom seems so 'you' and I have never even met you:0) And what a wonderful view from the bedroom!!

granny grimble said...

Gosh what a bedroom is that! It looks like you live in a castle. All that dusting though, or do you have someone to do it for you. That bed draped in gold is so how I imagined your decor would be. I can also imagine you draped on the bed, a bunch of grapes in in hand and a glass of wine in the other! Cleopatra has nothing on you! lol

GoldAnne said...

thankyou sandie and leeta,
all the blog mail has been going in my spam, I thought it was my settings gone wrong again,
Lol re lying on the bed with grapes!!!! its usually covered with pussie cats!!!
Since I got CFS/ME I had to have help , I just cant do it ,at the moment ,I hate it, makes me feel so inadequate,