Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It was my birthday
on the 13th ( my mummy always said 13 was lucky lol and I believed her she also said
if you ate 3 banannas at once it would finish you off, you will gather I was always a pig lol!!!)
nb its safe to have 3 banannas !!!! :)

I had my daughter over for my birthday which was so very nice and dear Sammy loads of
gorgeous pressies , one of my pressies was something my daughter sells (I wasnt sure what it was lol) when she asked what I wanted I said botox,, being faceious and meaning injections,
well what she actually gave me is botox cream !!!!! feel awful as its expensive ,not that expensive for results though, ive used it 3 times now and I really think its working!!! so thats one cream that will be used !!!! I was pratising smiling to see if it made ones face stiff , it doesnt lol !!!! but thankyou Anne- Marie ,dont think u read blogs though !!!! mostly thank you for coming thoiugh ,do wish we could get you better lusvm,
I was really spoiled on my birthday I will try and take pics later of everything,,, so kind of everyone,, ( and no not a special birthday -- at my age they all are lol!!!!)
im delaying getting lunch for husb,, im sposed to be weighed tonite so better not eat !!!!
later !!!! Anne xxx

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weechuff said...

You have a lovely loving and a very generous daughter, Anne. Wow! It must feel like winning the pools to have such a present:0)
By the way, the link worked perfectly!
Love Sandie xx