Saturday, August 11, 2007

We are still doing Hawaiian project in my msn
club Tonight is sposed to be pirates party, so
I started dressing up for it but didnt finish
should have boots and an eye patch, maybe
do it properly later, the suns out
in Torquay the English Riviera, so maybe I ought to get some real
instead of virtual in Hawaii !!!!
Desdemona is in Hawaii too but flying back from virtual
to real balcony sun lol
love anne xxx


granny grimble said...

Hi Anne Hope you ar feeling a little brighter now. I am very curious about, and would love to have a look around your ebay shops. What is your trading name for them please.

GoldAnne said...

Click here: eBay UK Shop - The Elegance of Bling: New Sale items Wow Prices, GIFT ITEMS 99 FairTrade L K
It doesnt look like the link will work (The Elegance of bling)
Thank you re dear Offie hope you have a good day
love Anne xxx

Jayne Nelson said...

What you need to do is dress up as Keira Knightley in Pirates Of The Caribbean and then have Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow swoop in and take you away on his ship.

(If that happens, can I come?)

GoldAnne said...

sorry Jayne he said he could only handle me !!! :)
thank you for your cards xxx