Monday, August 06, 2007

We had to have my dear darling Offie put to sleep early this
morning as he wasa in pain and not happy,
I love him sooo much,

love Anne


weechuff said...

I am so sorry Anne. I am pleased that you appear to have a very caring vet. I know you loved Offie very much.

Love Sandie XX

GoldAnne said...

Thankyou Sandie
love anne xxx

Spider said...

I was very sad to read about Offie. It is like loosing a child when we have to part with our darling pets.
Tina Spain

GoldAnne said...

Thank you so much Tina xxx

granny grimble said...

You don't know me Anne, but I feel I know you from reading all your blogs! I am Sandie's wrinkly sister Leeta. I was so sad to read about your darling Offie. When you love and care for your pets so well, they seem to live much longer than any one else's and then it makes it so terribly hard to lose them. I too have a beautiful ginger cat called 'Emma' who is getting on for eighteen and very ill. I know we don't have her for long now, but it doesn't make it any easier. Offie certainly looked a very handsome fellow, and I feel sure will always be missed. Just keep all the happy and silly memories that you must have of him in the front of your mind. It will comfort you, I am sure.

GoldAnne said...

granny grimble,
thankyou so much for that it does make a difference knowing people care, at the moment I still have the pic of him needing to go to the vet so its difficult, but at least it makes me realise it had to be done, but should have been sooner ,,
thankyou love Anne xxxdx

Eliza said...

Good post.