Monday, September 03, 2007

I lost my blog

I lost my blog!!!with loads of other stuff

but, its handy my friend jayne has a blog called

jaynes world and I googled that it comes up about

first cool that,and I can get mine from hers lol.

Desdemona was getting better re dear othello, but shes

looking for him over the top of the balcony, I think hopefully

the kitten might be good for her to look after,but looking

at jaynes vid of her kittens not so sure lol NAUTIE!!! there

again 2 of them so i imagine one will be nervous,maybe not

create havoc,

Ive been ill couple days had to stay in bed, wondered if

it was food poisoning ,,,


granny grimble said...

Sorry to hear that you've been unwell. I don't think it's food poisoning as my daughter and her husband have it, and Sandie and her family also. It seems to be something nasty that's going round again.
Nice to have you back on line.

weechuff said...

Yes, and Sindies daughter Livvie fainted in the shower this morning, Sindie is sitting with a bowl on her lap feeling very sick, and I have been in bed with nothing to eat since yesterday evening. I got up at 5.00p.m. tonight. Let's hope it is a 24 hour thing:0)
Glad you are feeling better now.

GoldAnne said...

Leeta and Sandie,
Thank you ,
It does sound so similar, very nasty bug!!!!!
love to you both and take care,
love Anne xxxx