Monday, September 10, 2007


Well here is Rosalind, at the moment she is being very good , but she never stops yowing when shes awake!!!! Desdemona so far has been incredibly sweet to her.


weechuff said...

Scweeeeammmm!!What an absolutely gorgeous little cat!! Oh she is so cuddly:0)

Beetle said...

Ooooooooh! I want her! Pretty pleeeeeease :O)

Sindie said...

Ha ha ha ha! What a scrumptious little pussy cat! Look at that serious little face. :0)

granny grimble said...

What a beautiful kitten. Her eyes are so intense that they look human. She looks like she could read your mind. I have never seen (apart from my Emma) such a gorgeous kitten. You are a very lucky lady!
Give Rosalind a kiss from me

GoldAnne said...

Sindie ,beetle and Sandie lol!!!!
Anne-marie gave Desdemona an electric mouse merrygo round when she was ill ,and it kept her amused for hours just now!!! she is cute I guess--im beginning to bond now----- ( she has rather a loud voice !!!lol
thanks for posting Anne xxx

GoldAnne said...

Hi Leeta,
Your right its spooky she looks deep into your eyes , or ones soul almost,,,, its a lil disconcerting from a wee lil thing,

love Anne xxx

Jayne Nelson said...

Awww! She looks like Gizmo from the film Gremlins. It's not a bad thing, though, because Gizmo was cute as hell!

GoldAnne said...

Hi Jayne,
she was meant to be sweet and cute for Desdemona but shes a raving lunatic lol, running up and down curtains me and everything ,shes very lovable tho lol