Thursday, September 20, 2007

sorry blog!!!

hi ,
ive got lots pics to post, but do later
hopefully ,
leeta if you read this im glad you are doing blog again

I left messages on yours and Sindies and sandies, but not sure if they went kept saying password wrong,
SIL was very sweet last week trying to mend puter for me , it turned out to be id changed password and not on router --wotever
lol .
isnt Sindies quilt gorgeous she is so talented!!!!,
Rosalind went to vet today , she has to go again next week ,they are hoping their scales wrong but shes not put weight on and at first she said she had lost masses --- just when id plucked up courage to go too !!!!



weechuff said...

Hi Anne
Your comment managed to work on Sindie's blog, but no-one else's!
Wasn't the fire awful? Are you going to blog about it and put some pictures on? Thank goodness everyone was okay. That is all that matters really, and you have such a brave grandson in Sam:0)

GoldAnne said...

Hi Sandie yes it was dreadful ,im having trouble posting on my blog and yours!!!! will keep trying,xxx

granny grimble said...

Yes Anne, please keep trying. Computers can be 'best friends' or horrible bits of equipment, whose only desire is to drive you mad!!!:0)