Saturday, September 22, 2007


Friday, 21 September 2007

There was a terrible fire at Moretonhampstead next door to where my daughter lives.I had a phone call about 2-30am she said they were being evacuated immediatelyfrom the house. The fireman banged on the door and told them to leave everything and get out. The cellar was filled with smoke and the attic terribly hot. The smoke was terrible that woke my daughter up coughing and lil SamSam being nearly sick and ckoking in his sleep. It was too smoky to grab cat baskets so they found one basket and Sammy held Izzy all the way to me, and dear Dexter had the one basket.Anne-maries motherinlaw was staying there too for the week, she and Sammy were nearest the fire, The drainpipes caught alight and the upstairs kitchen windows werecracked with the heat, Marie said it was so intense ,, she was amazing coming overand keeping everyone calm, I think she will pay for it re her health though, as she made such an effort to get to me. We didnt actually go to bed that night but I quickly got downstairs ready for m i l and the 2 pussies were in Anne-Maries bedroom, dear Sammy was amazing he coped so well but was in deep shock,i felt so sorry for them i was ok until about 2 hours later and shock hit me realising what could have happened!!! thats typical of me though. I just thank God they all escaped and the cats including the outside cats.!!!!! The next door thatched house was completely gutted and the adjoining houses the other way were involved too..i think 8 fire engines plus tenders and other stuff attendedI will post pics later,xxxx

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